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Performance Academy

Annual Performance Academy
Salem Indoor
4701 Portland Rd NE, Salem, OR 97305
Salem Indoor
Dates: April 5th - June 14th, 2024
Days: Fridays
Time: 5pm - 6pm
Ages: 7 - 14+
Coerver® School Membership (September '23 - August '24)
Annual payment
Coerver® School Membership (September '23 - August '24)
Annual payment

Performance Academy

This is our Level 2 soccer training sessions with a medium intensity environment. This program is the best fit for:

  • More Competitive Recreational Players (K - 8)
  • Competitive Club Players (U8 - U11)
  • High School JV Players

Our Performance Academy is designed for players who enjoy challenges, competing, determination to get better, love the game, and place a high priority on soccer. This program is only for players ages 7 - 14yrs+. Players who are younger must register for our Coerver First Skills.


  • 36 x 1 hour technical training sessions [$30 per session]
  • Last session of every month will be a “teaching” Game Day
  • Option to make up missed sessions
  • Coerver® Training Kit Included


  • Improved Skill, Speed, Sense, Strength & Spirit
  • Increased Game Confidence & Creativity
  • Greater On-Field Impact With Your Team
  • More Effective Home Practice
  • Healthier Player Habits


  • Player Pathway App Included with Coerver® Moves, Ball Mastery, Fast Footwork and Coerver® 2+2 Challenge.
  • Annual Membership Term: September 2023 - August 2024
  • Coerver® School Annual Membership Fee: $100


  • Performance Academy Dates: April 5th through June 14th, 2024
  • Location: Salem Indoor until April 12th, then switch to CFC Training Complex
  • Time: 5pm - 6pm
  • Ages: 7 - 14yrs+

Players will be group appropriately by ages and skill level to train and challenge players to be their best.


  • Per Session: $30 (10 x 1 hour technical training sessions)
  • Full Payment: $300 (please select the Full Payment option)
  • Deposit/Installment Plan: Deposit of $120 at the time of registration then eight (8) payments between $110 to $130 per month starting September 1st and occurring monthly until the last payment June 1st. (please select the Deposit Plan option)

Registration Steps

  1. Register ONLY 1 player
  2. Add remaining player(s) to your Coerver Account (DO NOT REGISTER EXTRA PLAYERS UNTIL DISCOUNT IS APPLIED)
  3. Please email our Office at or.info@coervernw.com with the desired discount to apply to your Coerver Account.
    • 2 Siblings, get 25% OFF second player


Each session offers progressive series of instruction in:

  • Ball Mastery
  • Receiving and Passing
  • 1v1 Attacking skills
  • Speed (including the speed of thought)
  • Finishing and Group Play
    All this results in improving player’s ball control, 1v1 skills, creativity, speed of play and overall Soccer IQ.

WE DO NOT REFUND, instead, we will keep a credit for you to use for any future programs we will offer. If you would like to cancel your registration, please contact Coerver® Oregon Support at or.info@coervernw.com.

If you have any questions, please email us at or.info@coervernw.com to get in touch!